Construction (Planning) Scheduling & Monitoring

Key Elements

Create IOCA – We have developed a unique methodologies for creating millions of construction activities and soliciting the precise construction activities for the construction project. We have also derived a unique model of developing the BOQ for any IOCA based on it location.

Copy BOQ – If the same BOQ is used for a set of construction activities, the BOQ one. The BOQ take off has been making easy by using the method of copying the BOQ to other activities or from location to other location..

Similarly the type of work location in the construction project has been broken up as (Roads, Walks, buildings, facilities, etc) the type of work locations are further broken down to different blocks.

In managing the construction phase in any project, is called project construction management. To manage the construction of any project, the most important requirement is the construction activities involved in the projects for constructing the infrastructure facilities and buildings in the project.

The construction activities in construction projects have been divided into a major categories i.e., Civil, Electrical, Telecommunication & Mechanical.

Based on the IOCA and the final locations fixed in the project, the BOQ for all IOCA is taken off based on the final location finalized under each base location.

Planning/Scheduling – Micro level Planning up to the Point of Work can be done both Manually and Automatically in CMS.

Requirements – The Construction Engineer in execution can get all his input requirement like Labour, Material, Machinery & Tools, Consumables based on his Schedule for any Point of work or any Item of Construction Activities (IOCA) or selected IOCA or all IOCA for any type of construction in any tier or level or location or selected location using CMS.

Quality Control – Quality Control Procedures to monitor and control the quality of construction work is inbuilt in CMS Software

Billing - Contractor billing can be automatically generated based on the approved POW (Point of work) by the Project Manager against completion.

Work Allocation – Delegating the works to the respective execution staffs & contractors on a daily, weekly, monthly or periodical basis and their current stage can be viewed in a well- planned manner in CMS.

Defective work – Construction Supervisors can take a picture or video of the defective POW and post it to his Project Manager and contractor to highlight the nature of defect at that POW.

Project Appraisal

Planned Vs Actual report can be viewed for both time and cost for the total/Completed/Pending POW or IOCA or selected IOCA or all IOCA for any type of construction in any tier or level of location or selected location.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly or Periodic Construction work status report can be reviewed based on the task allocated to concern Construction Engineers or Contractor or worker of the company.