CMS is a path breaking innovative, comprehensive, affordable construction planning, managing, monitoring and execution software with Total Quality Management features embedded in the software itself. The Software has been conceived by the Technocrat Mr. Sharath Kakumanu, who has nearly 42 years of experience in the field of Design and Construction Management. It has been designed to manage any construction activity of the project effectively by the Construction Professionals. CMS provides real time information in the form of Dashboard to various stake holders like Owners, CMC’s Construction / Contract Management planning, Monitoring Execution, Consultants, Contractors, Vendors and the execution staffs like Engineers, Purchase Staff, Inventory Staff, Store Keeper, Machinery Management Staff, Asset Management Staff, Accountant, etc., to effectively manage any type of construction project or with any types of construction activities.

Uniqueness of CMS for Construction Management...!

Integrates functions across all departments.

Reduce Operational time spent on reconciliation of BOQ, Inducts, Inventory & Construction Cost.

Total Construction Contract Management.

Total Quality Control Management.

Facility management with control on quality Inspection.

Anytime anywhere access to the Construction activities Real Time data .

Auto Billing on Weekly/Monthly/Periodic Bills or stage wise of the Contractor.

Filtering of data based on total quantities or competed quantities & balance quantities of work.

The above filtered data can also be viewed based on construction activity or location.